How to Negotiate a Child Custody Agreement with Your Ex

Custody arrangement related negotiation during a divorce can be a dicey situation if your spouse doesn’t agree with the terms regarding the children. Parents always think in the best interests of the children. But during a divorce, a lot of disagreements happen regarding decisions about the children leading to endless arguments. Parents can find it difficult to assess the situation and arguments get worse with time. Children can see and understand the situation and hiding any decision from them doesn’t resolve any issue. In complicated scenarios, it is best to look for best divorce lawyers Toronto who easily available in towns.

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A checklist should be first made, which takes care of the children in the best possible way post-divorce. This will be helpful in keeping track of all the decisions that need to be taken.

Parenting planning tool from the Department of Justice is a great resource as it helps in exploring different options available for the family and covers different aspects that should be considered for child custody agreement and child visitation schedule.


It is very vital to decide how a child custody agreement will be negotiated between the parents. Even with different parenting styles, the value of both the parents is equally important. The children need both and they should not be used as a bargaining tool or for exacting revenge. A common ground should be sorted so that the children have regular access to both the parents. The exceptions to such situation happen when one parent might not be fully capable of taking proper care for the children.

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Guidelines which can help to make the decision of sorting for a sole custodial parent are:

  •   Ex’s family life is stable
  •   Ex’s lifestyle
  •   Ex’s ability to look after the children

To further understand the requirements for winning sole custody, divorce lawyers Toronto can be consulted. If there are no concerns, divorces couples may opt for mediation or collaborative team practice to negotiate a parenting plan.

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In the case of mediation, parents sort the help of unbiased third party to prepare a parenting plan. The mediator prepares a report with an agreement which considers factors such as living arrangements, including vacations, regarding religion, education, and health care. Parents might also sort legal advice from best divorce lawyers to avoid missing any vital factor. Thereafter, a formal agreement on child custody is prepared.

In a collaborative team practice, both the parties must sign an agreement that they will keep matter outside the court. After signing of the agreement, both parents meet with a family coach to prepare a parenting plan. A financial specialist is also consulted to draft a financial plan for the separation, which includes spousal support and child support. After this, the divorce lawyers Toronto create a legally binding agreement. If there is still no agreement even with mediation or collaborative practice, arbitration can be helpful. It is almost like hiring a private judge for arbitration. Divorce lawyers can help with the arbitration process effectively.

If nothing works out, the court can be approached, but the process is time-consuming, expensive, and stressful for the family. The court should be the last resort. To effectively work out a child custody process, best divorce lawyers Toronto around towns should be contacted.