How to Negotiate a Child Custody Agreement with Your Ex

Custody arrangement related negotiation during a divorce can be a dicey situation if your spouse doesn’t agree with the terms regarding the children. Parents always think in the best interests of the children. But during a divorce, a lot of disagreements happen regarding decisions about the children leading to endless arguments. Parents can find it difficult to assess the situation and arguments get worse with time. Children can see and understand the situation and hiding any decision from them doesn’t resolve any issue. In complicated scenarios, it is best to look for best divorce lawyers Toronto who easily available in towns.

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A checklist should be first made, which takes care of the children in the best possible way post-divorce. This will be helpful in keeping track of all the decisions that need to be taken.

Parenting planning tool from the Department of Justice is a great resource as it helps in exploring different options available for the family and covers different aspects that should be considered for child custody agreement and child visitation schedule.


It is very vital to decide how a child custody agreement will be negotiated between the parents. Even with different parenting styles, the value of both the parents is equally important. The children need both and they should not be used as a bargaining tool or for exacting revenge. A common ground should be sorted so that the children have regular access to both the parents. The exceptions to such situation happen when one parent might not be fully capable of taking proper care for the children.

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Guidelines which can help to make the decision of sorting for a sole custodial parent are:

  •   Ex’s family life is stable
  •   Ex’s lifestyle
  •   Ex’s ability to look after the children

To further understand the requirements for winning sole custody, divorce lawyers Toronto can be consulted. If there are no concerns, divorces couples may opt for mediation or collaborative team practice to negotiate a parenting plan.

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In the case of mediation, parents sort the help of unbiased third party to prepare a parenting plan. The mediator prepares a report with an agreement which considers factors such as living arrangements, including vacations, regarding religion, education, and health care. Parents might also sort legal advice from best divorce lawyers to avoid missing any vital factor. Thereafter, a formal agreement on child custody is prepared.

In a collaborative team practice, both the parties must sign an agreement that they will keep matter outside the court. After signing of the agreement, both parents meet with a family coach to prepare a parenting plan. A financial specialist is also consulted to draft a financial plan for the separation, which includes spousal support and child support. After this, the divorce lawyers Toronto create a legally binding agreement. If there is still no agreement even with mediation or collaborative practice, arbitration can be helpful. It is almost like hiring a private judge for arbitration. Divorce lawyers can help with the arbitration process effectively.

If nothing works out, the court can be approached, but the process is time-consuming, expensive, and stressful for the family. The court should be the last resort. To effectively work out a child custody process, best divorce lawyers Toronto around towns should be contacted.


Paying Immigration Fees in Canada

Regardless of whether you are applying for citizenship, a visa, residency, or any other use, paying migration expenses is a part of the procedure. Paying migration expenses in Canada enables the government to pay for the way toward confirming data on your applications. Immigration lawyer in cities like Toronto can be helpful throughout the entire process.

How to Pay?

The Canadian government has a site where anyone can check installment techniques to guarantee you are presenting your fees accurately. Additionally, immigration lawyers can help in to find any information required. There is additionally a site where you can check current expenses to guarantee you are presenting the right sum. It is vital to pay the right sum when you apply. Movement fees in Canada change occasionally. How you pay will rely upon how you apply. If you are applying on the web, you will pay toward the end of the application procedure. Just adhere to the directions online to make your installment. On the off chance that you are presenting a paper application, you will initially need to pay. When you have paid, you will get a receipt for installment and you should incorporate a printout of this receipt when you present your paper application.

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When you submit an installment for a paper application, you can utilize prepaid cards or fee cards from Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, JCB®, or UnionPay®. On the off chance that you are utilizing a prepaid card, keep it so you can get a refund if you require it. You can likewise utilize check cards if you do web-based saving money and can send an INTERAC®Online installment from your Canadian bank. For any further information regarding payment, an immigration lawyer can be consulted before making any payment.

If you discover you have paid close to nothing, you might have the capacity to pay what you owe on the web. On the off chance that you can do this, ensure you submit receipts for the two installments with your application. On the off chance that you discover you can’t pay the difference on the web, you should look for a refund and pay the correct sum. For any discrepancy, do consult a certified immigration lawyer to expedite the refund process.

Getting a Refund on Immigration Fees in Canada

When you have made an installment for movement in Canada, you can get a refund if your application stays natural. You may ask for a refund if you are pulling back your application or on the off chance that you connected expense yet did not present the application you paid for. You can likewise get a refund if you overpaid, although eTA application expenses are not refundable.

On the off chance that you have presented a privilege of citizenship fee, a right of permanent residence fee, work permit for LMIA exempt workers, an International Experience Canada (IEC) fee, or employer compliance fee, you won’t need to request a refund. All or a portion of your cash will be refunded consequently on the off chance that you pull back your application or if your application it won’t. For applications other than these, you can’t get a refund if your application was continuing yet denied.

For most movement process fee refunds, you should ask for a refund. The procedure for this will rely upon how you paid. You should give some fundamental data and the administration may get in touch with you on the off chance that they require additional data, (for example, verification of installment) to process the refund. Your refund may take up to about a month and a half. Make sure you consult an immigration lawyer in case of any delays.

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How you apply for a refund will rely upon how you paid your application fee. If you paid on the web, you will require the receipt number you got when you paid. You will likewise need to make a record separate from the record you used to apply. You will utilize this new record to ask for a refund.

If you connected and paid on paper, utilize the record you utilized for the application procedure. Sign in and pursue the connections to ask for a refund.

Filing an Immigration Form in Canada

Regardless of whether you are applying for residency, a visa, citizenship, or making any movement application in Canada, Movement Direct has immigration lawyers to assist you. We enable you to get current, solid data in a straightforward configuration and our free blog encourages you to remain fully informed regarding news and accommodating tips, as well. Looking for more information about immigration application fee, visit here:

Tips before Dealing with Youth Justice System

When you hear the news that your child is being charged with an offence, you often find yourself at loss. The criminal justice system can become a maze that is nearly impossible for you to solve. The practitioners of criminal defense lawyer Toronto can understand your concern. Thus here are some basic tips that you should know before you deal with the justice system.

Laws Regarding Youth and Crime

The offenders who are aged 12 to 17 years are generally treated differently than the adult criminals. The law that is generally used against them is called the Youth Criminal Justice Law. The youth criminal legal system understands that the circumstances of life are different for the youth. The motivations of committing the crimes might also be different for a youth.

The justice system helps the youth to learn that they have done harm to the society. The system also helps the youth to stay out of any further criminal activity. The court of the young people is also different from the adult court. The criminal defense lawyer Toronto will help the parents to know about the laws regarding the youth crimes and the justice system.

Crimes and Penalties

For every crime that the young offender has committed, the penalties can be different. The professionals of criminal defense lawyer Toronto can help the parents of the youth to know more about the crimes that their child have committed and what could be the penalty for that.

Drug, Alcohol and Firearms Possessions

If the police have reasons to believe that you possess illegal drugs, alcohol or firearms, then they can search or arrest your child. These charges are serious. If your child is being charged with possession, you should contact criminal defense lawyer Toronto.

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Gangs and Youths

The recruiters of the gangs like to recruit young people to the criminal gangs. The recruiters like to recruit youths who are vulnerable. They often tell the youth lies and show them the way of earning easy money. The young people who join the gang generally do not have any clear idea about the danger of joining the gang. If your child is in any trouble with the activity regarding criminal gangs then contact criminal defense lawyer Toronto.

The Role of the Parents

The court gives the maximum importance in this factor. In most cases trouble at home is the reason for the youth to commit crime. The court regularly wants answer from the parents of the offending youth regarding the support and the supervision. The kind of support that the youth is getting at home during the legal process and after is the most important factor for the youth.

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Understanding the Situation

The offending youth might not understand the result of their action. It is the duty of criminal defense lawyer Toronto to make them understand the grave consequences that offenses such as bullying, shoplifting, vandalism, fighting etc. This understanding might help them to make the right decisions for their future.

Second Chances

There are some ways to avoid the imprisonment by completing the alternate form of consequences. The court can offer community service, drug treatment, restoration, counseling to the offenders. If the youth complete these the charges might be withdrawn.

Work in Canada after you graduate

If you have stayed in Canada for education, you have likely had an opportunity to make friends and become acquainted with the place and may choose to remain and work in Canada after you graduate. Luckily, there are a couple of choices which enable you to stay, regardless of whether your work or study permit ends. You can look to remain in Canada briefly after you graduate, or you can look for permanent residency to remain in Canada forever. Toronto immigration lawyers can be helpful in situations such as these.

Temporarily stay in Canada After You Graduate

One of the approaches to remain in Canada, incidentally after your studies is to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Applying costs $255 and the procedure can take 51 to 107 days, all things considered, when you document on the web or with a paper-based application. You may be eligible for a PGWP if you studied a from a recognized institution in Canada and are minimum of 18 years of age. Your program should be more than eight months in length and you should be a full-time student who did not take any breaks during the tenure. The institution should likewise meet the prerequisites to help your work allow, and to be qualified, you should have reports from your school demonstrating you met every one of the necessities for graduation from your program. To understand your eligibility, an immigration lawyer can be consulted.

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While applying, you should do as such inside 90 days of completing your program and you should have a legitimate study permit when you apply. If you successfully get a PGWP, the time allotment you will have the capacity to remain in Canada will rely upon to what extent your education program was. On the off chance that your course of studies was between eight months and two years, you will, for the most part, be permitted to remain in Canada for a similar time frame. If your program was one year, for example, your PGWP will ordinarily enable you to work and live in Canada for an extra year. If your program was over two years, or you finished numerous programs, your Post-Graduation Work Permit will, by and large, enable you to live and work in Canada for up to three more years. To know more about stay extension, Toronto immigration lawyers are available for detailed analysis.

Unique exceptions for PGWP prerequisites are given to graduates of some Quebec schools and for transfer students. If you do not get a PGWP, you may, in any case, have the capacity to look for a transitory stay in Canada. On the off chance that you have an employer in Canada, you might have the capacity to look for an employer-specific work permit, which enables you to stay. You may likewise apply for an open work permit, which enables you to look and work for any employers.

Permanent stay after You Graduate

If you have considered living permanently in Canada after staying long enough, you might have the capacity to apply for permanent residency after you finish your studies. Truth be told, since you have picked up a Canadian education and even work involvement amid your studies, these components may help, as well the language aptitudes you picked up. Toronto immigration lawyers can help you out to identify different competencies picked during your studies to help in the permit process.

On the off chance that you have family in Canada or a business employer willing to support you, you can apply for permanent residency through sponsorship. On the off chance that you don’t have these choices, you can apply for the Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry). To apply, you should have at least twelve months of full-time work experience in Canada and you should meet dialect and other necessities. Work picked up during your education tenure may not check, hence this choice might be ideal if you have studied in Canada and got a PGWP. To understand the PGWP eligibility, Toronto immigration lawyers can be consulted.

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The Federal Skilled Workers Program may likewise enable you to apply for permanent residency.

Applying to either program includes making an Express Entry profile. There are points for dialect aptitudes, teaching, work offers, and different components and on the off chance that you are one of the eligible candidates with the most astounding score you will be invited to apply.

Another alternative is to apply for permanent residency through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Every territory has its own set of programs with its guidelines, so it is vital to understand the different programs which discover which one most accurately matches your profile. A few areas and domains, for instance, may expect you to have a job offer to apply while others don’t. To effectively apply through a PNP, you should be nominated, and apply through Express Entry or through the non-Express Entry stream of an area or region. Toronto immigration lawyers can help you investigate your eligibility for any region.