Are Smart Drugs A Shortcut To Success?

The Smart Drugs Craze Is Here



Are smart drugs a shortcut to success? Has it become necessary to “dope” with performance-enhancing substances that can deliver top results in order to be successful nowadays? Or maybe just to survive in today’s fast pace┬áculture?

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CNN talked about it. Now the whole world has jumped on the bandwagon as well. I came across another interesting video and article from CNN, which has focused on the concept of “smart drugs “and these forms of performance-enhancing substances like Modafinil that drives Silicon Valley.
Smart drugs are also known as “study drugs” or nootropic, and common to these is that they are intended to stimulate the performance and concentration as well as to improve memory. It can mimic the effect of a cup of strong coffee, energy drinks, vitamins or herbal remedies over to outright prescription drugs such as Ritalin, which is actually designed to treat conditions including ADHD, but which has also been used illegally by students to increase concentration and learning ability. Regarding clinical evidence for the efficacy of these drugs we don’t really have any sufficient data.

My own experience with Modafinil

When I – seven years ago – weighed 125 kilograms, lived a rather unhealthy life and was constantly sleep deprived and struggled through daily meetings and tasks. I came across the so called Smart Drugs – Modafinil in particularly. In my case the purpose was probably more about survival more than anything else except that I was trying to reach new heights in terms of pure performance at my job.
I believe that if you live a fairly balanced life with reasonable food, regular exercise and 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, then you simply do not need smart drugs. That appears to be a growing market for these drugs, I attribute primarily to people taking smart drugs as a kind of symptomatic treatment to soothe the effects of too much stress and lack of sleep and recovery in everyday life.

I understand that the Olympics athletes and other professional athletes tries to retrieve the last margins home to optimize everything you legally can, optimizing for exercise, nutrition and recovery. Here are the milliseconds and millimeters that determines whether you win gold or silver. But professional athletes start therefore also on an entirely different basis than us mere mortals. Their basic base in place, and therefore more in thinking optimization. For all of us, we get more benefit of reasonable food, a run and a good night’s sleep than to try to treat the symptoms with smart drugs such as Modafinil.

Smart drugs are not a shortcut to success

By that I mean not that smarts drugs is the shortcut to success. On the contrary, I believe that there is a risk that comes with the use of these drugs – mind you that we don’t have any long term studies of the effects on humans. I also think that when you alter your brain chemistry with such powerful stimulants you’re eventually setting yourself up for a disaster.

How about yourself? What do you think about the use of smart drugs? Is it okay to use these substances?


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